Employee Name: Michael Epperly

Department/Shift:  Long Run / 1st

Employee Start Date: 8/30/2021

Background: Production Saw and Machine continues to work toward a stronger more competitive workforce. They have worked hard to provide internal growth in all areas; financially, professionally and personally. The company has reviewed and made significant changes to their wages, job titles, and opportunities for internal promotions and tiered trainings to allow for further growth in all areas. Production Saw and Machine saw an opportunity to become a leader among its competition as a place employees want to work and more importantly stay.

Highlights / Accomplishments: By being awarded the Going Pro Grant funds in the amount of, $1,500. Production Saw and Machine was able to further support our Long Run Department with solid ROI while managing multiple projects. Allowing him to advance his overall skills / job knowledge in multiple areas and provide assistance to multiple departments.

Outcome(s) / Result: Michael has successfully completed 9 training courses; all geared towards Lean & Project Management.  He has lead PSM’s Cell Reaction Team in analyzing production deficiencies. Those results has allowed Michael to create standardized documentation, increased production efficiencies and decreased overall scape.

Employee Testimonial: I was able to improve my knowledge of analytics and project management to assist with efficiency deviations and scrap reduction. The classes taught me important tools to be able to identify deficiency better and to analyze the root cause. Gave me access to and taught me how to use several new templates that I was unaware of. Since taking the classes I have implemented several new ways to problem solve and standardizer our process and a new perspective on problem solving in general.

Challenges / Lessons Learned: In a high volume production facility such as ours the project management class and A3 problem solving were particularly helpful in identifying issues quickly, forming a plan of action and implementing strategies to make significant improvements.